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The BIZZ is back!!


1. Go Bizz, Go (The Lost Edit)
2. Disco Street (Slow Edit)

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1. I’m coming out of your speakers (The Lost Edit)
2. Get Up (The Lost Edit)
3. Disco Street (Fast Edit)

Flexidisco welcomes BIZZ O.D. to our flexible roster !

BIZZ O.D. hit the scene in 1994 with a stomping hard-house track on Force Inc. Records called “I’m Coming Out Of Your Speakers”. It became a regular in Junior Vasquez’s DJ sets at The Sound Factory NYC if not to call it a smash hit around United States and Europe. The same slice of vinyl also contained the track “Worship The Speakers” which made half of Detroit at the time bow in front of the sound system to worship not only the DJ but also the newborn religion called techno. Many releases followed on Smile Communication or Force Tracks but the man himself stayed a mystery hidden behind black pieces of plastic.
Almost 20 years later, BIZZ O.D. who has never appeared live, Flexidisco came across unreleased mixes and unknown material that have not lost any of it’s freshness and originality for you to praise the power of music and unity.
Flexidisco. misunderstood since 2010.

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FXD005 – TRZTN is out now ! Spread ‘The Seed’ …

TRZTN is a NYC based underground musician and artist. He founded the sonic mayhem band Flux Information Sciences (released on Michael Gira’s Young God Records) and then SERVICES (A Touch of Class records) with their proto electro-rock sample-driven math-machine music. He has collaborated with Karen O for Spike Jonze’s “Where The Wild Things Are” soundtrack, and Karl Lagerfeld on his “New Mix re-branding campaign. He re-mixed industrial pioneer Foetus, re-imagined David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” as part of a world-travelling art installation, produced noise-wizards The Melted Men, and produced countless other idiosyncratic projects calling forth challenging high-concept music. Along his personal musical output he is the go-to musician and producer for forward-thinking directors and art and fashion brands in NYC. The Seed spawned from a recording session in a secret studio (Ski-Hut) from the depths of Amsterdam. A pop disco song in the classic sense, The Seed alludes to existential anxiety and desire. Musicians include Chris Pravdica on bass (SWANS, SERVICES) and Hervé Bouétard on drums (BERTRAND BURGALAT, ALPHA BLONDY). Engineered by P-Air. Zero Cash (Kitsuné / No Brainer / Flexidisco) produced the track, additional synths and delivered a squeezy remix. ALIEN ALIEN (Roccodisco / Slowmotion) added some Voodoo-esque flavor to their rework. Rodion & Hugo Sanchez also just remixed Ajello with great results and are also responsible for the still-doing-the-job ‘Sambaca’ – pure class. The original track is accompanied by a new video, directed by TRZTN that will also debut in March.

Supported by nice peops like Boris Dlugosch, Malente, Ajello, DJ Kaos, Ilya Santana, Punks Jump Up, Severino Horse Meat Disco, Shindu, Telonius, Khan, Billie Ray Martin, Rodion and more.

Anyway, it’s OUT NOW and available at your favourite digital dealer -> support artists, buy their music.

check it out on BEATPORT here or on JUNODOWNLOAD here and of course also on iTUNES here.  But also on ZERO-INCH here. and all other stores from amazon.mp3 to whatpeopleplay and other services which can’t be listed here as it’s boring enough to list the above mentioned already…


“The Seed” (Official Video) is on …

… a good channel near you – have a peep:

Have a listen to the psychedelicious ALIEN ALIEN remix and ZERO CASHs ‘Squeeze the Cheese Edit’ here. Or buy the whole package here or in any other digital store.

New Punks Jump Up Release on Kitsuné

Flexidisco’s Zero Cash contributed a banging disco remix to the latest PJU release “Get Down” on Kitsuné Rec.. Check out the video from the original and check out the other remixes by Alex Gopher, Fare Soldi, Jerry Bouthier and Deadstock 33′s.

Buy it here or on every other digital musicshop.


FXD004 – CASSARA – Fantasma EP – OUT NOW everywhere !

It’s fantasmic and finally it’s all over the globe – Cassara’s ‘Fantasma EP’ hit the streets. On FXD004 you’ll find his instant classic ‘Fantasma’ plus ‘Coloured Love’, a lovely french touch vocal house gem plus a freak-disco remix by Zero Cash with some crazy synths. It’s OUT NOW and available at your favourite digital dealer ->

check it out on BEATPORT here or on JUNODOWNLOAD here and of course also on iTUNES here.  But also on ZERO-INCH here. and all other stores from TRAXSOURCE to WHATPEOPLEPLAY etc pp.

Nuff said, as the nice peops at REMIX86 already told us like it is – >

Prep this one for those late summer nights, those adventures that are never planned, those palms out moments that are truly about doing what you love.
Music, art and humans, that’s what this is all about. Why you’re reading this, why we write this. This is the philosophy behind, and it is for everyone.
-You see and hear something for the first time. You know nothing about it, but you like it. It makes you feel good. You grin.
-You find that other people share your feeling, you communicate and you participate. You dance.
-This feeling doesn’t fade, it does the opposite. More artists are born, existing artists evolve. You get more involved and you continue. You sweat.
Geez Cassara, look at the mood you got me in. Obviously feelin’ this track, check it out below, hoping to hear more from this German talent.


Cassara – “Fantasma EP” (FXD004) by FLEXIDISCO

I’ll Be There’. Sounds like a love song, if it wasn’t for the music.

Our friends at NoBrainerRecords just surprised us again with a sick video ->

Banging techno by ZERO CASH (Television Rocks/Flexidisco) and MALENTE (No Brainer). Then again: Banging is not that far from love, is it? ZERO CASH himself directed this clip. In the lead roles MALENTE & ZERO CASH.

MALENTE & ZERO CASH – I’ll Be There (NBR011) incl. Light Year, Modek and Kill Frenzy remixes and a second original track ‘Hardware’ is out now on Beatport.


Cassara is a name to watch … Fantasma is coming soon!

Brandnu talent from Hamburg City: Cassara.

We instantly get hooked when discovering him on soundcloud. Simple & highly effective, never losing the funk. Some emails later the next Flexidisco release was fixed. Sometimes it’s really that easy. So stay tuned to catch the 4th round of stunning flexible music on our little label very soon. Also included is a freak-disco remix by Zero Cash with some crazy synths. That’s all.

Supported by nice peops like Zombie Nation, Jerry Bouthier / JBAG, Mustang, Khan, The Sneekers, Bleed, Malente, aUtOdiDakT, Maral Salmassi, Zero Cash & others…

Listen here:
Cassara – “Fantasma EP” (FXD004) by FLEXIDISCO


Int. Moods – “What kind of Problem” (Video)

Just a quick introduction for you. International Moods is a side-project from our man Zero Cash together with the almighty FM Einheit (former Member of Einstürzende Neubauten & Palais Schaumburg). The debut Album is coming out on September 2nd on Skycap Records. Keep an eye on that!!

Here are their social links:
Int. Moods on FACEBOOK
Int. Moods on SOUNDCLOUD

“Sick & Crazy” is the second one with a Vocal feature from genuis vocalist KHAN (I’m Single Rec.)

“Are you me?” – EP by Zero Cash coming soon…

FXD003 - "Are you me?" - Zero CashJune 2011 will be hot with the third release on FLEXIDISCO. It will be a four Track EP by Zero Cash including a remix by our portuguese buddy XINOBI (Discotexas, Lisbon). The style is not what you’d expect from a normal Zero Cash release, but give it a try and you’ll get it pretty fast…
We love it!
Stay tuned and don’t miss this one!


Finally:  YOY – “YOY EP” – FXD002 is out now EVERYWHERE! You can get this fine piece of music by Zero Cash & Khan aka YOY at your favourite store, for example one of these:




….or traxsource, digital-tunes, 7digital, stompy, wasabeat, soulseduction, or  etc pp or any other  digital dealer you might trust  …