Zero Cash Picture

Zero Cash aka Fabian Stall  was only sweet 14  when he decided to dedicate his life to electronic music.

First productions were made at his fathers computer using oldschool tracker programs, before he

equipped his studio with his first synths and drum computers.

The first release (“Low Service EP”) with the artist name Zero Cash came out in 2004 on the legendary label Monotone and could be described as a hard-to-define mixture of beat structures originating from Hip Hop and tons of electronic noise. (“The ‘Low Service EP’ is a merciless experience of futuristic sound for the post apocalypse.”, Tristan Bechet from Services).

In 2004 and still not tired, Zero Cash and Khan (Capatain Comatose) started producing Khans’ album “Who Never Rests” which was finally released in 2007 on Tomlab.

After all the acid, noise and trip-hop experiences he decided to come back to dance music by involving all the influences from before. One way was to team up with Maral Salmassi to start a club-project called “Golden Days” with a series of singles and remixes for the well known Label Television. On the other hand he founded the Indie-Disco project called “A**ro Cologne” together with Thomas Mahmoud (former singer of Von Spar) and Stefan Schmidt. For their first maxi release “Discolights / Excuse Me”, they spontaneously founded the label Hoochy Coochy Records.

In late 2006 Zero Cash and Maral Salmassi founded a new label called Television Rocks together as common platform for their solo projects. In February 2007, Zero Cash launched this new label with his release “Satan Satellites” which entered the charts of Dj’s like Erol Alkan, Tiga, Boris Dlugosch or Malente. In 2008, after a couple of releases on Television Rocks Records and several productions for Maral Salmassi Zero Cash also joined the crew of Coco Machete Records from New York with his release “Push it”, “Goodies” (from the movie Surrogates) and some following singles & remixes.

Zero Cash’s Bleeding Nose DJ-Set (July2011) by Zero Cash

Zero Cash’s Boiling Mix by Zero Cash

Zero Cash Discographie:

»Marinade EP« Zero Cash (FLEXIDISCO 2010)
»Fuck the money« Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2010)
»Give it to me« Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2009)
»Served in Slices« Zero Cash (Coco Machete – 2008)
»I Get Down« Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2009)
»Chitinbody« Zero Cash & Khan (I’m Single 2008)
»Pushit/Missing« Zero Cash (Coco Machete – 2008)
»Flash Box« Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2007)
»Big is Chic« Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2007)
»My Shit is on« M. Salmassi & Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2009)
»Natural Fun« M. Salmassi & Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2007)
»Back up your Ass« M. Salmassi & Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2007)
»Victims of the Super-Ape« M. Salmassi & Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2007)
»Satan Satellites« Zero Cash (Television Rocks 2007)
»Low Service EP« Zero Cash (Monotone 035 – 2004)

Zero Cash Remixes:

»Like Thunder« Ultrasonic 7 (Regalia Rec. 2010)
»P.A.M.E.L.A.« Digikid84 (Youngunz Rec. 2010)
»I needed to go« Cyberpunkers (Freakz me out Rec, 2010)
»Candygirl« Khan (I’m Single 2010)
»Let’s Rock the Party« Fukkk Offf &Maral Salmassi (Television Rocks Rec. – 2009)
»Fightclub« Electro Ferris (Freakz me out Rec, 2009)
»Favela Gital« 7Samurais (Poets Club Rec. – 2009)
»Masturbo« Mike Okay (What! What! Rec. – 2009)
»Wake up« Raziek (OMG Rec. – 2009)
»My Shit is on« Maral Salmassi (Television Rocks. – 2009)
»Wet« Gooseflesh (Freakz me out Rec, 2009)
»Goodies« Debra Dolce & Zero Cash (Coco Machete 2008)
»Live fast, die old« Munk & Asia Argento (Gomma  2008)
»Favor after Favor« Khan (I’m Single 2008)
»Natural Fun« Maral Salmassi (Television Rocks. – 2007)

and more…

More releases under pseudonyms such as ELECTRO ATOMU and FABIAN STALL as well as with band projects such as A**RO COLOGNE, SAUNA KINGS and GOLDEN DAYS.