FXD001 – Zero Cash – “Marinade”

1. So Nineties
2. Blomo
3. Getting Over feat. Ts&dT
4. Wake-up Call
5. Blomo (Tenderlions Remix)
6. So Nineties (Tenderlions Remix)

Flexidisco seems to be just another electronic music label, but it’s not. Seriously!
Quality instead of quantity. Honestly!

Zero Cash (Television Rocks / Freakz Me Out / I’m Single / Coco Machete / OMG! / Gomma (and the list goes on….)) is about to drop his new Marinade EP as the first release on Colognes’ hottest label Flexidisco.

Talking about hot, this boy is surely on fire and about to explode in your ears.
Cologne, normally known for its minimal output, corruption and nasty carnival orgies, just added another exciting attraction to their long export list.

Zero Cash presents four half-time burners that will cause havoc on dance-floors worldwide. Just flexible music we’d better say, but check for yourself – have a listen & play it loud because your neighbors will probably love it, too.

To put the icing on the cake, the peops at Flexidisco managed to get the soon more than popular Tenderlions from San Francisco, responsible for the magnificent ‘In 3D’ EP on Television Rocks to add two stunning remixes to the pocket full of goodies.

Already played from the likes of Fukkk Offf, Hey Today, Zombie Nation, Saint Pauli, Khan, Malente, Maral Salmassi, The Sexinvaders or The Sneekers to name but a few.

Be prepared for the next round – FXD002 will hit the ground very soon ! YOY !

Zero Cash – Marinade EP (FXD001) by FLEXIDISCO