FantasmaBorn as the youngest son of Italian imigrants Cristian Cassará grew up in the rural town of Höxter in the Weser uplands, almost in the geographical middle of Germany.
His parents were proud owners of a fine Pizzeria there and as it is custom to many Italian familias, little Cris had to do the dishes. Of course his older brother and sister were helping at the bar or in the kitchen.

Growing up in quite a small town means, you got nothing to do most of the time besides hanging out with friends and find a hobby. Easy thing for Cris Cassara. He was deeply in love with music. And clever as he was and a self-taught person on top, he learned the piano and was into heavy drums playing.

When Cris turned 16 he eventually entered the dj booth of a club called Tiffany´s in his smalll hometown. He was playing records most of the times but was also deep into keyboards and sequencers. So it appeared quite often that he played long live gigs while everybody was dancing and no one recognized that Cris Cassará was playing and producing music live, on the spot for hours. As a DJ Cris was digging lots of obscure Italo Disco and Cosmic stuff and was deep into Cry d´ Amour and other French House and Filter stuff. Cris Cassará started to sing to his very own produtions and he was mainly influenced by two British singers, George Michael and Jamie Cullum (sic) !
So if you hear him sing and wonder where he got his elegant skills in producing finest club music, now you know.

As a young adult Signore Cassará moved to Hamburg City in 2005. Shortly after settling he started a band called The Black Diamonds. He says abou this raring time: „I just wanted to compose new songs and get something done. I felt no pressure and it was intense and I learned so much during this creative period.“ Nevertheless the band split some years later and Cris started his own solo project in 2009. Calling himself CASSARA. His first releases will be on several labels and a frenzy luve set is in the making. An album will follow later this year. And if you would have seen him doing his thing in a club you know what time it is.

So we say to Cassará „avanti avanti“ and to you guys: please check him out !


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